My son has been struggling to memorize his basic math facts. I remember playing a game called “Reader Rabbit Math” when I was a kid, so I thought I would find a game to help him with his memory work. Unfortunately, most games seemed to require a membership, or they were free and completely covered with ads. I just wanted a simple, no frills math drill. So, I decided to test out my programming skills and see what I could come up with.I used P5.js to build everything. My goal was for it to be quick and easy, just like using flashcards. And with no ads! I started with a multiplication game, then after I had the basic game figured out, I added subtraction, addition. 

It was fun to think about the different pieces that go into making a game work, and I never realized how long it takes to do even a simple game.

multiplication game built with p5.js


You can check it out  HERE..


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