• 0002 Untitled Cosmos by GLAEM
Title: ‘Untitled Cosmos’
Created: 2019
Medium: Digital
Dimensions: 8″ x 8″, 300 DPI
Token: 0002
Price: $10

(free for the first 10 people to create a trustline to the token AND send me an email letting me know!)

via Paypal

via Stellar Exchange

About the Program:
‘Untitled Cosmos’ generates a glimpse into universes unknown and likely non-existent, although who can really say for sure. You can view the entire collection at the bottom of this page.The program is affected by many variables and will be seeded using the initial account number assigned to each token. This unique iteration will belong to the token holder. The tokens and accounts are created using the Stellar Protocol. To learn more about Stellar please visit https://www.stellar.org.Limited Edition set of 100 unique prints. Each piece within the edition is generated individually from a new seed and is permanently tied to the corresponding token. The program will only run 100 times and the seed for each piece will be created from the public key of the first 100 token holders.

If you purchased a token via the Stellar Exchange, please contact me so that I can deliver your artwork file.

What you will receive:

  • A high-resolution 8″ x 8″ digital art file.
  • A digital token representing your ownership of the piece.
  • An account to hold your token (if you do not already have one). The seed for your individual iteration will be based on this account number and will be listed on the print along with the edition number.


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