Geometric antique rugs and tapestries have always been a favorite of mine. I love the plush thickness of the woven fabrics and the beautiful repeating designs.

I recently started a new project to explore these designs using a generative, procedural approach.

My first version was very simple. I divided a rectangle into four quadrants, and then I randomly selected squares within the left side quadrant to be “on” or “off.” I reflected the resulting pattern on the opposite side, Rorschach style, to complete the design.

Initially, the top and bottom section each had a different pattern. Next, I experimented with reflecting the top section on the bottom. This pattern creates a central focus which I really like.

generative tapestry 3 generative tapestry 2

The next step was to further sub-divide each section and reflection to create more symmetry and detail. I’ve generated many examples using this version and these are a few of my favorite so far.

In the last two images, I increased the size of the squares in the center area. I plan to continue playing with the scale of the different sections and experiment to see what other results I can produce.

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